ACS PA100F PA/Siren Amplifier 100W


Product Features

  • 100 Watt output
  • Manual, Wail, and Yelp siren modes
  • PA and Radio transmission modes
  • Clean, clear audio output
  • Compact, Dzus mount control unit
  • Remote mounted Amplifier
  • 14 or 28VDC operation
  • Color coded knobs and switches
  • Lighting- MIL-P-7788 Type 3
  • Connector installation kit (crimp) included
  • 1 year full warranty


  • 100W power output
  • 500mA @28VDC (Manual)
  • Control- 1.00 lb. (.45 kg)
  • Amp 3.50 lb. (1.58 kg)

**Requires P100F/D Control Head *Sold Separately


The ACS PA100F single PA/Siren amplifier provides up to 100W of PA or Siren audio. This product consists of a compact, panel mounted Control unit and a lightweight, remote mounted Amplifier. Built to withstand demanding helicopter applications, the ACS PA100F PA/Siren system offers outstanding performance with minimal weight and space requirements. The ACS PA100F is a proven performer in Law Enforcement, EMS, Forestry and Utility applications, and is approved for use on USFS contracts.

The ACS PA100F can be used with any of the External Loudspeakers offered by Air Comm Systems — TS100, TS200Y, and CP100V Modified.

**Requires P100F/D Control Head *Sold Separately

Additional information

Weight 8.00 kg
Dimensions 10.00 × 10.00 × 10.00 cm
ACS PA100F Dimension Outline

Unit Width Behind Face Plate: 4.950" Unit Height Top to Bottom Faceplate: 1.875" Front Panel Width – Standard Dzus Mount: 5.750" Behind Front Panel to Rear: 4.550" Allow up to 2.500" for Rear Connector and Cable Clearance Amplifier width: 4.900" Amplifier height, Top to Bottom of Tray: 5.100" Amplifier Unit Depth – Front to Rear Connector: 7.500"