ACS 179A Six Passenger ICS Unit w/ two stations of ICS & Transmit capability


The ACS 179A is a compact, remote slave unit which provides intercom and receive capability for up to six (6) aircraft passengers. Additionally, two (2) have transmit capability if desired. Dip switch programmable.

Method of Operation

The ACS 179A is slaved to a master Audio Mixer Panel for receiving and transmitting. The master Audio Mixer is normally a co-pilot or rear-crew member unit. The audio inputs selected by the master panel will be heard by the ACS 179A.

The ACS 179A’s transmit and intercom functions are activated using a switch and cord assembly (such as the Carter Engineering or Comm Innovations models). The switch cord assembly also provides a volume control for the adjustment of both the intercom and receive audio. This allows for the independent control of volumes between the passengers and the Audio Mixer they are slaved to.

Transmitting from the ACS 179A is a two-step process:

1) the desired radio must be selected on the master Audio Mixer’s mic selector.

2) the switch cord must be placed in the transmit position.

NOTE: When either passenger transmits, the master Audio Mixer’s microphone is automatically disconnected. This feature prevents the possibility of there being two microphones activated simultaneously during the transmit function.

During intercom or transmit operation , the receive audio is muted on the ACS 179A. During Hot ICS operation the receive audio is unmuted ( each passenger has a separate Hot ICS switch ).

NOTE: For USFS operation a jumper can be cut on each passenger PC board to disable this muting function.



The volume control on the switch cord assembly adjusts both the intercom and the receive audio. It should be set at a comfortable level on intercom first. Then, if the receive audio volume is too high or low, it can be adjusted at the radio itself ( i.e. Com, FM, Nav, etc. )

Typical System Layout

Additional information

Weight .75 kg
Dimensions 5.75 × 2.875 × 1.875 cm