ACS 32PB ICS Call Tone Output Unit



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Product Description

ACS 32PB ICS Call Tone Output Unit is a small, remote mounted Audio generator that is used with Air Comm Audio Mixer Panels and the ACS 112. The ACS 112 unit provides the status indicator which visually lets the crew know if the Pilot is isolated from the ICS Buss. The ACS 32PB allows its user to send a “call” tone to the pilot’s headphone, alerting him that communication is desired with the crew.

The ACS 32PB has 32 call tones available, and is programmable via an internal DIP switch. The ACS 32PB is currently being used in Forestry applications, but is well suited for applications in Law Enforcement and EMS. The ACS 32PB is approved for use on USFS contracts requiring the ICS Call capability.32pbdimensions

Additional Information

Weight 2.00 lbs
Dimensions 8.00 x 8.00 x 4.00 in


32 tones available from 600 to 2805 Hz
Programmable via internal DIP switch
Compact size, rugged design
Connector Installation kit, crimp is included
Approved for use on USFS contracts
1-Year full warranty
Max Audio output - 500mW
Externally adjustable
500 mA @ 28VDC
600 ohm impedance

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