ACS 836 PA/Control Unit



The ACS 836 PA/Siren control unit is a compact, lightweight unit which provides full PA and Siren control for
the aircraft when used in conjunction with an Audio Panel (if installed) and the Whelen WS-310 PA/Siren
Amplifier. It has the capability to provide the user with three modes: PA, Radio, and Siren (wail or yelp).

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SIZE: 4.00 in. (10.16 cm) W WEIGHT: .50 lb. (.23 kg) .50 in. ( 1.27 cm) H 3.25 in. ( 8.25 cm) D MOUNTING: 2 hole mount


The ACS 836 wiring harness should be constructed of Tefzel aircraft wire (M22759/16 grade). Shielded wires should be used where noted. Adequate protection against wear and chafing should be taken by using a braided cable sleeving or jacket. Before completing installation, verify that all cable connector pins are seated properly and that the connector is securely mounted to the unit mating connector.