ACS 775A-SL-100 Single Audio Mixer Panel-VOX




Product Description

ACS 775A-SL-100 Single Audio Mixer Panel-VOX, is compact in size, provides high performance audio, and extensive audio control.  Controls up to 8 receive audios, 6 transmit positions, and provides an ICS Bus, PTT ICS, and HOT ICS modes for multi-user installations.  The 1.5" panel conserves instrument panel space, ideal for individual and multi-user installations, and approved for USFS contracts.

Additional Information

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 5.031 x 5.75 x 1.50 in


Compact Dzus mount - 1.5"
PTT and HOT ICS modes
6 Transmit positions plus PA
8 Receive Audio selections
ICS Bus/RX audio for pass expansion
Emergency mode operation
Internal interface for non-aircraft radios
14 or 28VDC operation
Custom panel legends
Color coded knobs and toggle switches
Connector installation kit (crimp) included
1-Year full warranty
Approved for use on USFS contracts
250 mW power output
500 mA @28VDC
Lightweight - 1.5 lb. (.68 kg)
Lighting - MIL-P-7788 Type 3/5

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