ACS 1278-300 Single Audio Mixer Panel-Quick Adjust-VOX

ACS 1278- Single Audio Mixer Panel
ACS 1278- Single Audio Mixer Panel


Product Description

ACS 1278-300 Single Audio Mixer Panel-Quick Adjust-VOX, designed for various audio system requirements. Provides control for up to 13 selections to receive audios and has 11 transmit positions, PTT,  HOT ICS modes, ICS bus, private ICS, for secure communications among crew members. Quality high performance audio, is ideal for individual, multi-user installations, approved for use on USFS contracts, and currently being used extensively in Law Enforcement, EMS, Forestry and utility applications.

Additional Information

Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 6.78 x 5.75 x 2.62 in


PTT and HOT ICS Modes
Private ICS Bus
Up to 11 Transmit positions
13 receive audio selections
ICS Bus/RX audio for pass expansion
Emergency mode operation
Internal Interface for non-aircraft radios
14 or 28VDC operation
Custom panel legends
Connector installation kit (crimp) included
1-Year full warranty
Quick Adjust Receive audio controls
250 mW Power Output
500 mA @28VDC
Weight - 2.20 lb. (.99 kg)
Lighting - MIL-P-7788 Type 5